We build the UpCyclingPowerPlant of the future. Now!

The TCP Energies GmbH & Co. KG

We develop profitable technologies and process solutions for environmentally friendly power generation. With our globally patented Duplex TEC- Process® we are setting new standards in the sustainable and cost-efficient generation of electrical energy.

The founding and company headquarters is the well-known science location of Jena.

The mission

transforming waste

generating green energies

reduceing greenhouse gases

Operating sustainably

Billions of kilowatt hours of electrical energy lie unused in landfills!

The volume of waste in the area of energy-rich waste and plastic waste is constantly increasing. This waste is permanently destroyed by incineration, pyrolysis and landfilling - not to mention waste tourism. This results in threatening global warming through industrial exhaust gases with climate-damaging CO2 emissions and plastic littering of our environment.

We generate affordable energy with the best side effects!

Our Waste Gasification Line® (WGL®) series of plants represent a globally unique solution for sustainable energy recovery from non-recyclable organic waste of all kinds.

The fuel gas produced in the plant is used to drive generators via gas engines to produce electrical power.

The Duplex TEC-Process® transforms waste into clean and unbeatably cheap electrical energy.

The Duplex TEC-Process®:
The new solution for old problems.